“The ‘philanthropic’ school is the humanitarian school carried to perfection. It denies the necessity of antagonism; it wants to turn all men into bourgeois; it wants to realize theory in so far as it is distinguished from practice and contains no antagonism. It goes without saying that, in theory, it is easy to make an abstraction of the contradictions that are met with at every moment in actual reality. This theory would therefore become idealized reality. The philanthropists, then, want to retain the categories which express bourgeois relations, without the antagonism which constitutes them and is inseparable from them. They think they are seriously fighting bourgeois practice, and they are more bourgeois than the others. Just as the ‘economists’ are the scientific representatives of the bourgeois class, so the ‘Socialists’ and ‘Communists’ are the theoreticians of the proletarian class.” [Karl Marx, a cura di A.P. Thakur, The Poverty of Philosophy. (1847), Global Vision Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008]