“But, at the same time, while socialism of the old stripe seemed to be buried forever under the smashed barricades of the June insurrection, the socialist idea was placed on a completely new foundation by Marx and Engels. Neither of the latter two looked for arguments in favour of socialism in the moral depravity of the existing social order nor did they try to smuggle social equality into the country by means of inventing new and tempting schemes. They turned to the examination of the ‘economic’ relations of society. There, in the very laws of capitalist anarchy, Marx discovered the real substantiation of socialism aspirations. While the French and English Classicists of Economics had discovered the laws according to which capitalist economy lives and grows, Marx continued their work a half century later, starting where they had left off. He discovered how these same laws regulating the present economy work towards its collapse, by the increasing anarchy which more and more endangers the very existence of society itself, by assemblying a chain of devastating economic and political catastrophes.” [Rosa Luxemburg, What is Economics?, 1968]