“Do not say that the social movement excludes the political movement. There has never been a political movement which was not at the same time social. It is only in an order of things in which there will be no longer classes or class antagonism that ‘social evolutions’ will cease to be ‘political revolutions’. Until then, on the eve of each general reconstruction of society, the last word of social science will ever be: “Le combat ou la mort; la lutte sanguinaire ou le néant. C’est ainsi que la question est invinciblement posée”. George Sand. (Combat or death; bloody struggle or extinction. It is thus that the question is irresistibly put). Finis.” [Karl Marx, The Poverty of Philosophy (being a translation of the ‘Misère de la philosophie) (A Reply to “La Philosophie de la misère” of M. Proudhon), 1900]