“The entire ‘credit system’, and the over-trading, over-speculation etc. connected with it, rests on the necessity of expanding and leaping over the barrier to circulation and the sphere of exchange. This appears more colossally, classically, in the relations between peoples than in the relations between individuals. Thus e.g. the English forced to ‘lend’ to foreign nations, in order to have them as customers. At bottom, the English capitalist exchanges doubly with ‘productive’ English capital, as himself, as Yankee etc, or in whatever other form he has placed his money. Capital as ‘barrier to production’ is pointed out: e.g. Hodgskin: ‘In the present state, every accumulation of capital adds to the amount of profit demanded from the labourer, and extinguishes all that labour which would only procure the labourer his comfortable existence… ‘Profit’ the limitation of production’. (H[odgskin, Notebook,] p. 46).” [Karl Marx, Grundrisse. Foundation of the Critique of Political Economy (Rough Draft), 1993]