“In 1930, as in 1922, Trotsky considers that “the ‘real’ expansion of socialist economy will become possible only after the victory of the proletariat in the most important European countries”. But it must be understood – and after all, this is not so difficult – that by ‘socialist’ economy we really mean socialist economy and not the contradictory and transitional economy of NEP, and that by a ‘real’ expansion we mean a development that will completely change the daily life and culture of the laboring masses, eliminating not only the “queues”, wise Zinoviev, but also the contradiction  between the city and the countryside. It is only in this sense that a Marxist can speak about a ‘real’ expansion of ‘socialist’ economy. After fighting “Trotskysm” from 1923 to 1926, Zinoviev in July 1926 officially admitted that the basic core of the 1923 Opposition had been correct in its prognosis. And now, for the sake of merger with Yaroslavsky, Zinoviev once more rushes into all the old contradictions and warms over the old dishes. It is worthwhile to recall, therefore, that this same Zinoviev both signed the platform of the Opposition and wrote a part of it dealing with this very question: «When we say, in the words of Lenin, that for the construction of a socialist society in our country a victory of the proletarian revolution is necessary in one or more of the advanced capitalist countries, that the final victory of socialism in one country and above all a backward country is impossible, as Marx, Engels, and Lenin have all proven, the Stalin group makes the wholly false assertion that we ‘do not believe’ in socialism and in the building of socialism in the Soviet Union” [The Real Situation in Russia’, p. 176]” (pag 265) [Leon Trotsky, Notes of a journalist, Published June 1930] [(in) Leon Trotsky, ‘Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1930’, New York, 1975] [Lenin-Bibliographical-Materials] [LBM*]