“One of the chief sources of Lenin’s political thinking prior to 1914 had been Marx’s ‘The Holy Family’ of 1844, which he had read and summarised in a notebook in 1895. He had been particularly interested by the chapter headed ‘Critical Battle Against French Materialism’, which he described as ‘one of the most valuable in the book’ (1). Now, this chapter constitutes the ‘only’ writing of Marx in which he ‘clings’, in ‘non-critical’ fashion, to the French materialism of the eighteenth century, which he presents as the ‘logical basis’ for communism” [Michael Löwy ‘From the ‘Logic’ of Hegel to the Finland Station in Petrograd’] [(in) The Ideas of Leon Trotsky, 1995, a cura di Hillel Ticktin e Michael Cox] [(1) V.I. Lenin, ‘Conspectus of ‘The Holy Family’, Collected Works, Volume 38, Moscow, 1972, p. 41]