“I am sending you simultaneously by mail four copies of a printed address drafted by me. The newly-established International Workingmen’s Committee, in whose name it is issued, is not without importance. The English members of the same consist mostly of the chiefs of the local trades unions, that is, the actual labour kings of London, the same fellows who prepared the gigantic reception for Garibaldi, and prevented Palmerston from declaring ‘war’ upon ‘the United States’, as he was on the point of doing, through the monster meeting in St. James’s Hall (under Bright’s chairmanship). The members from the French are insignificant, but they are the direct organs of the leading “workmen” in Paris. (…)” [Marx a Weydemeyer, London, November 29, 1864] [in ‘Founding of the First International (September-November 1864). A Documentary Record’, 1939] (pag 51-52)