“Marx wrote to Engels on October 2, 1860: ‘Your rifle article had made the rounds of the entire London press and had also been reviewed in the ‘Observer’, which reflects the views of the Government. It was sensational’. Engels complacently replied that this had not been achieved without some effort on his part. He had sent copies of the ‘Volunteer Journal for Lancashire and Cheshire’ to all the London newspapers with his own article marked with red pencil. In a covering note to the various editors he had pointed out that ‘as this is the first professional opinion of a foreign military paper on the voluntary (‘sic’) movement it may be of interest’. This was the first of twenty-nine articles contributed by Engels to the ‘Volunteer Journal’ between September, 1860, and March, 1862” [introduzione di W.H. Chaloner e W.O. Henderson][in Friedrich Engels, Engels as Military Critic. Articles by Friedrich Engels reprinted from the ‘Volunteer Journal’ and the ‘Manchester Guardian’ of the 1860s, 1959]