“Kautsky’s literary and scientific work is impressive not only because of the scope of his interests but also because of its volume. Even a selected bibliography of his writings would fill many pages. In this work comes to light all that seemed and all that was of importance to the socialist movement during the last sixty years. It reveals that Kautsky was first of all teacher , and that, because he looked upon society from a schoolmaster’s perspective, he was well suited to his role as the leading spirit of a movement which aimed at educating workers and capitalists alike. “My life-work became clear to me in 1883”, wrote Kautsky; “il was to be designated to the propagandizing and popularization, and, as far as I am able to, the continuation of the scientific results of Marx’s thinking and research” [K. Kautsky, Aus der Fruehzeit des Marxismus, 1935]. His popularizations as well as his independent works gave strength and joy to hundreds of thousands of class-conscious workers. He gave expression to their own thoughts and in a language nearer to them than that of the more independent thinker Marx.” [Paul Mattick, Rebels, and Renegades. And Other Essays, 1946]