“Il is impossible, in England, to write about Russian foreign policy without at once recalling the name of David Urquhart. For fifty years he worked indefatigably to spread among his countrymen a knowledge of the aims and methods of Russian diplomacy, a subject he thoroughly understood; and yet, all he got for his pains was ridicule and the reputation of an unmitigated bore. Now, the ordinary Philistine does indeed class under that head every one who insists upon unpalatable subjects, be they ever so important. But then, Urquhart, who hated the Philistine whitout understanding either his nature or his historical unavoidability for the time being, was bound to fail.” (Engels The foreign policy of Russian Tsardom), [in Engels Friedrich, a cura di Renate Merkel-Melis, Werke, Artikel, Entwürfe, Oktober 1886 bis Februar 1891. Apparat. (Mega Band 31)]