“In the field of political economy, not much can be said about Kautsky’s contribution. He was the populariser of the first volume of Marx’s Capital and the editor of Marx’s “Theories of Surplus Value”, published during the years from 1904 to 1910. His popularisations of Marx’s economic theories do not distinguish themselves from the generally accepted interpretation of economic phenomena in the socialist movement – the revisionists included. As a matter of fact, parts of his famous book, “The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx”, were written by Eduard Bernstein. In the heated discussion waged at the turn of the century concerning the meaning of Marx’s theories in the second and third volume of “Capital” Kautsky took very small part. For him the first volume of “Capital” contained all that was of importance to the workers and their movement”. [Paul Mattick, Rebels, and Renegades. And Other Essays, 1946]