“When I was in Berlin in the summer of 1923, B. Nikolaevskii informed me that a letter by Marx had been found in Axelrod’s archive. A comparison of this letter to Zasulich with the various drafts showed that it exactly corresponded to the one dated 8 March 1881. All that was missing from the draft were some quotations from ‘Capital’, the address and Marx’s signature. I could then have had my draft published, but I preferred to wait until the latest editors had brought out the letter. This happened quite soon. In the second volume of a Russian language edition of P.B. Axelrod’s archive, which appeared in Berlin under the title ‘Material on the History of the Revolutionary Movement’, Marx’s letter to Zasulich was published in the French original (alongside a facsimile) together with an introduction by Nikolaevskii. A German translation may be found in Nikolaevskii’s article, ‘Marx und das russische Problem’ (Die Gesellschaft, Year 1, no. 4, July 1924, pp. 359-66)” [David Ryzanov (Riazanov): The discovery of the draft, in ‘Late Marx and the Russian Road. Marx and ‘The Peripheries of Capitalism’, a cura di Teodor Shanin, 1983]