“In June, 1920, Fusse, a Japanese journalist, interviewed Lenin. “Where”, he asked, “does communism have the best chances for success – in the West or in the East?”. “Genuine communism”, Lenin answered, “can thus far succeed only in the West. However, the West lives on account of the East. European imperialist powers support themselves mainly from Eastern colonies. But at the same time they are arming their colonials and teaching them to fight. Thereby the West is digging its grave in the East” (1)” [Stanley W. Page, Lenin and World Revolution, 1959] [(1) M. Rafail, “God bez Lenina na Vostoke”, ‘Lenin i Vostok’, Sbornik Statei (2d ed.; Moscow, 1925), p. 7] [V.I. Lenin – Materiali Bibliografici] [LBM*]